Saturday, August 20, 2011

Double Standards

Rather than verbally abuse my viewers, I thought I'd write about something that some of you can relate to and understand. As more and more people argue that America is the greatest country on the face of existence, I attempt to refute that claim. It IS a good country, but something has been sticking out recently: inequality amongst genders. I'll share some examples.

Men (sexist asshole):
I want a women to take care of the house and raise the kids!
Women (respected modern female):
I want a man to take care of the house and raise the kids!

Men (perverted creep):
I own a sex toy.
Women (respected modern female):
I own a sex toy.

Men (shallow pervert):
I left her because she was too loose
Women (respected modern female):
I left him because his penis was too small

Men (Haha, what a pussy):
I got beaten by my wife, please arrest her.
Women (Of course! Right away, ma'am):
I got beaten by my man, please arrest him.

Men (Shouldn't "want" anything from ex-wife):
I am paying my child support always on time! I want to see my kids!
Women (respected feminist woman):
I want him to pay child support and never see his kids again until I have washed their brains so they will hate him forever for no reason.

Men (Pig):
Girlfriend leaves him; he gets drunk, pissed, and gets over it
Women (Empowered, respected female):
Boyfriend leaves her; she keys his car, spreads rumors, turn all women against him, cock-block him, tell people he beat her
Taylor Swift:
Boyfriend leaves her; she writes a song about it.

So, equal rights for females/males, or not?


  1. Nice observations. You may be on to something here.

  2. I agree with all of those statements. A true double standard.

  3. yeah I hate how the tables have turned on men in the modern day even in court you see women get more rights because of their gender

  4. Totally agree with all of the above! bloody double standars :@

  5. Yeah yeah double standards.. no one makes an effort to change them, so I'm indifferent.

  6. these double standards are expected in a society in which men were considered above women(and still are to a big extent).

  7. Agreed, man. Just one of those thing you gotta hope changes with the times.

  8. All true... They want equal rights but they still expect to be allowed to get off a sinking ship first.

  9. UGH. YES. VERY YES. I hate these double standards.