Saturday, August 20, 2011

Double Standards

Rather than verbally abuse my viewers, I thought I'd write about something that some of you can relate to and understand. As more and more people argue that America is the greatest country on the face of existence, I attempt to refute that claim. It IS a good country, but something has been sticking out recently: inequality amongst genders. I'll share some examples.

Men (sexist asshole):
I want a women to take care of the house and raise the kids!
Women (respected modern female):
I want a man to take care of the house and raise the kids!

Men (perverted creep):
I own a sex toy.
Women (respected modern female):
I own a sex toy.

Men (shallow pervert):
I left her because she was too loose
Women (respected modern female):
I left him because his penis was too small

Men (Haha, what a pussy):
I got beaten by my wife, please arrest her.
Women (Of course! Right away, ma'am):
I got beaten by my man, please arrest him.

Men (Shouldn't "want" anything from ex-wife):
I am paying my child support always on time! I want to see my kids!
Women (respected feminist woman):
I want him to pay child support and never see his kids again until I have washed their brains so they will hate him forever for no reason.

Men (Pig):
Girlfriend leaves him; he gets drunk, pissed, and gets over it
Women (Empowered, respected female):
Boyfriend leaves her; she keys his car, spreads rumors, turn all women against him, cock-block him, tell people he beat her
Taylor Swift:
Boyfriend leaves her; she writes a song about it.

So, equal rights for females/males, or not?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So, something else has been pissing me off recently. Although there's an advertisement on the right side of my blog (you've seen it by now), some of those things just piss me the fuck off. I mean, Jesus fucking Christ. It's the same ones, too. "Stay at home mom discovers secret method of fuck fuck fuck fuck!". I mean, do they seriously think they're fooling anyone? If I had 2 computers, I'd set one on fire just because I'm that pissed off right now. I just don't get it. Oh, and True Blood's on right now. What the fuck, people? True Blood sucks. Weeds sucks.

You suck.

If there's anything that's been making you, uh, less than amicable recently, leave a comment specifying just what.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Anthony Shmanthony

Alright, America. It's been approximately a month since Casey Anthony was found not guilty on the murder count, but people continue to spew things implying they knew something the jury didn't.

"Amazing how many Lives that B x x x x destroyed after killing her precious child."

The above is just one of many comments left on websites like YouTube and Yahoo!. I'm not saying that I think she did or didn't do it -- I don't really care. I'm just sick of people that swear up and down that she's guilty. If you want swift, unadulterated, and blind justice, move to China.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


So, I took my CompTIA Network+ test yesterday and passed with a score of 758. It's only 84% but, hey, it's passing. In addition, I'm one of about 15 kids in Virginia who's Net+ certified. Win.

Questions about studying methods? Which textbook to use? Good review CDs? Have trouble remembering things and need a funny way to recall all of that information? Drop a comment.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Android > iPhone

So, I got an HTC Evo 4G for my birthday a few months ago, and it was pretty sweet. Only, not sweet enough. So, I rooted it. "What is rooting?", you may be asking yourself. For those of you who don't know, fuck you. It's great. I won't go into detal, but it lets you overclock your phone, WiFi tether when you're not supposed to, get free Android apps, and oh-so-much more. If it runs Android, you can make it do stuff it's not supposed to do.

As for what ROM to choose. The term 'rom' is essentially synonymous with 'operating system'. Some roms have different colors, fancy lockscreens, etc. Some roms let you hook up a Wii remote to your phone so you can play SNES, GBA, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, or even Playstation games on your phone. HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT? If you're new to rooting, I recommend Cyanogenmod. They know what's up. If you're experienced, get a Cyanogenmod nightly or build your own damn rom. If you haven't rooted your phone yet, go defenestrate yourself.

Convinced yet? Go do it. Now. If you have any question about anything regarding Android phones or rooting, ask away; I'm more than willing to help. Have an iPhone? Go fall into a knife.

Monday, May 9, 2011


So, PSN is still down. Surprised? No? I didn't think so. I understand that there are these 'hackers' that seriously fucked up Playstation's business, but you'd think that they'd have some sort of hot-site that they could switch over to. I bet the grass sure is looking green for those fuckers on the Wii.